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The primary gain of this sponsorship is the tangible and proven social impact, which cannot be overstated. Programs proven to 'move the needle' of diversity and inclusion are rare. It's a problem that is famously difficult to address in a substantive manner (rather than just lip service).

Highlighting your company’s support for this important work is best done holistically and through your existing marketing channels, but the halo effect ties your brand to the proven positive outcomes.

I can assist your efforts by acknowledging your sponsorship in up to four spaces, depending on your sponsorship tier: through the WordPress.org Five for the Future program; on my business site; via my social media channels; and via my public speaking engagements.

You are invited to support my work publicly or anonymously, secure in the knowledge that it is transformative for WordPress and our community!



  • Business website sponsor page: Listed as a Silver Sponsor with logo
  • Thank you in a post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Five for the Future: 4+ hours a week

Exclusive Offer



  • Listed in Jill’s bio on her business website, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile, Facebook Business Page About section
  • A thank you in Jill’s public speaking engagements, web show appearances, and podcast appearances
  • Business website sponsor page: Listed as a Gold sponsor with large logo
  • Five for the Future: 8 or 10 hours a week
  • Limited to 3 sponsors; exclusivity package available upon request
  • Testimonial

    Jill helped us find the strength we needed to overcome our fear of public speaking.

    Simona Simionato, WordCamp Milan Italy organizer 2018

    At WordCamp Milan 2017, we had only 4 women out of 19 speakers. After we ran the workshop as well did some personal outreach, in 2018 45% of applications were made by women and there were 11 women out of 21 speakers! One of them was also an LGBT community member. The workshop helped people find the strength needed to overcome the fear of speaking in public, and helped folks find topics – solving the “I do not know what to say” issue.

  • Testimonial

    I would recommend this workshop to people of color in the WordPress ecosystem.


    “Before taking the workshops, I didn’t have the confidence for public speaking. Thanks to these sessions, I can relax, gather my thoughts, and proceed with my presentation. I would recommend this workshop to people of color in the WordPress ecosystem. You belong here; it's a no-judgment zone where you can find your authentic voice.”

  • Testimonial

    Inspired event organizer


    “LOVED the #WPDiversity Workshop! It really inspired me to bring this type of content to the WordPress Mexico community and bring more diverse groups into speaking at our Meetups and WordCamps. ¡Muchas gracias!”

  • Testimonial

    Jill’s work has done a lot to further the diversity and inclusion effort in WordPress.

    Andrea Middleton, WordPress Community Organizer

    Jill's work has done a lot to further the diversity and inclusion effort in WordPress. I would heartily recommend her. The initiative she helped develop has already had a powerful impact on WordPress communities.

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