Get Involved

Wondering how you can help? Here are some thoughts to get our conversation started:

1. In WordPress: If you love this work and want to join the WordPress Diverse Speaker Training group, we are always looking for more volunteers!

  • Give the diverse speaker workshop to your local meetup
  • Train other meetups around the world to run it themselves (Train the Trainers)
  • Help our team with other things like marketing and admin
  • Be around to give opinions here and there to help guide us through the big and little decisions

(^ updated now to all diversity, not just women, and we meet on Slack the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays for up to an hour)

2. Other tech: If you might want to be a paid trainer in the future, I will be expanding my non-WordPress workshops agency within the year so stay in touch in the newsletter or social media. (See below.)

3. Future opportunities: Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch about opportunities that may come up in the future:

4. Spread the word! (1/2) If you know of tech conference organizers or workplaces who would benefit from hearing about diversity and encouraging more voices to speak up, please send them to the video:

or to the ebook and newsletter:

5. Spread the word! (2/2) Follow our work on social media and boost the signal anytime you can:

6. Help us be accessible: Let us know privately if anything that we’re putting out online isn’t inclusive.

Known issues:

  • Promo video doesn’t have closed captioning (yet)

7. Your ideas? Thought of something I haven’t listed? I am always open to ideas!