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Job: Administrative Assistant (Remote, Part Time)

Someone who excels at administration around online events (workshops) and is great at detailed data entry, processing numbers, doing light math, and communicating that math in spreadsheets. An ideal candidate is familiar with the back end of Eventbrite, is a self-starter who would be happy to take things off of our plates and take ownership of projects, is in Pacific time zone (or would primarily be available for calls in Pacific afternoons), and is flexible, upbeat, and positive!


Diverse In Tech (https://diversein.tech) is a small, quickly growing business in the enterprise consulting and training space. We have been hired to run several global programs over the next 12 months.

Our mission is to create a world of diverse organizers and leaders. We have seen first-hand that when people start using their voices, some go on to do more. We help people from marginalized and underrepresented groups in tech take that first step to get on stage and speak. We do this via hands-on, interactive, transformational training workshops where we help people bust through Impostor Syndrome and own their expertise. As a direct result of our work, many go on to become organizers and leaders in their community. Our work fosters healthy, diverse communities.

Size of business: We are currently a small team with one full-time person (the founder/CEO) and 2 occasional, part-time contractors. We also lead a couple of groups of volunteers. We expect to be growing within the next few years and there is room to grow with us.

Our clients include WordPress, Automattic, Adobe, Magento, and other large tech companies!


Administrative Assistant


This is a dynamic and challenging position that encompasses professional communication, research, and online event coordination and planning.

The ideal candidate will be detail-oriented and comfortable with sometimes routine, detailed, and repetitive tasks. The majority of the work centers around planning for workshops and reporting on workshop data. It’s imperative to be conversant in Google Suite where much of this work takes place. Our success metrics rely heavily on accurate data entry (such as details about attendees and participation). As we are a startup, a part of the role will be managing and updating  standard operating procedures through our library of systems documentation. As mastery of the position grows, additional duties may include accounts receivable follow-up and project coordination.

The emotionally sensitive and powerful work that we do requires someone who is emotionally mature, self-aware, and sensitive to the needs of others. 

If this is you, we want to hear from you.


Writing content for our client companies about our work. Other opportunities may include: publishing and interacting on social media, assisting during workshops including on-camera duties, helping to coordinate a team of volunteers, and attending meetings with clients.


 The ideal candidate should be experienced with or able to pick up quickly:

  • Google Suite 
  • Eventbrite
  • Zoom
  • Canva
  • Trello
  • Notion 
  • Slack
  • Using a search engine (such as Google)! Sometimes self-directed learning on the job can be the difference between meeting a deadline and missing it.


  • A good listener
  • An independent self-starter
  • Someone who initiates problem-solving
  • Precise
  • Accountable and sensitive to deadlines
  • A fast learner
  • Able to build systems 
  • Excellent with time management skills
  • Positive and sensitive
  • Someone who enjoys learning
  • Someone who can juggle lots of moving pieces while staying collected
  • Someone who can work well across multiple time zones
  • Someone who will enjoy the CEO’s occasional PUN-chline ;D

Knowledge about Diversity and Inclusion is not required but is welcome.


  • For working on tasks and projects, times are flexible.
  • The ideal candidate is available for some of the time between 1:00-5:00 pm Pacific for some meetings and quick turnaround work.
  • We hold some events evenings and weekends. There is an opportunity to assist at online events, but this is not a requirement.


This is a part-time position starting at 40 hours a month. It can grow to 80 hours a month or more for a good fit. $25 Canadian/hour. (On average, approx $20 American/hour.)

100% of work is remote.

Candidates in Canada are preferred. Other candidates will also be considered.

This job is ideal for someone who wants to grow with our company for several years. After a 3-month probation, we will discuss a minimum one-year contract.

People from marginalized and underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.


Please email us at jobs@diversein.tech with:

Subject line: I am applying for your administrative assistant part-time role

Please write & organize your email with the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your location & time zone
  • What time it is for you at 1pm Pacific time (Los Angeles/Vancouver)
  • An animated GIF that represents how applying for this position makes you feel
  • 3-5 sentences on why you’re applying for this position.
  • If you have a website or social media account, feel free to share them.
  • Share a concise story (3 paragraphs max) about a time you helped someone through a problem. 
    • Question Prompts: 
      • What did they need? 
      • How did you help them solve it? 
      • What did you say? 
      • Why did it matter? (No example is too big or too small. Go with your gut and write from your heart.)
  • After your signature, please add a P.S. and what is in cell C:16 of this document: http://tiny.cc/ps-assistant
  • Please attach your resume in PDF format. (Note: You do not need a picture-perfect resume or tons of related experience to apply.)

If you’ve applied and we feel it might be a good fit, we’ll contact you directly with next steps.