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Jill’s Story

In 2013 we had 4 women speakers out of 28 at our WordCamp (WordPress) Vancouver conference.

Female audience members didn’t feel comfortable being there and called us out publicly.

The thing is, it wasn’t that we weren’t accepting them, it’s that they weren’t applying in the first place. Women were feeling like they’re not expert enough to speak on anything, or that they wouldn’t know what to talk about.

So I lead the creation of a short, 4-hour, impactful workshop to help women who wanted to speak but who weren’t feeling qualified, and in one year, we had 3 times the number of female applicants and 50% of our speakers were now women. …  [Read more]


“The Diversity Speaker training workshops we ran at local meetups using Jill’s material were highly successful and helped us achieve an unprecedented 60% of women speakers that year. I highly recommend it to anyone who is conscientious of encouraging more women and other diverse groups to speak at technical events.”

Nichole Betterley, 2017 WordCamp Seattle Speaker Wrangler

“Jill has done some amazing and impactful work to increase diversity in the WordPress community.  She has developed a series of workshops designed to help under-represented groups overcome some of the barriers that they encounter when speaking at conferences. I can attest that they are very effective at getting a much more diverse speaker pool.”

Morgan Kay, Founder of WordPress Study Group for Women, Seattle

“Jill Binder’s diversity work paved the way for the public-speaking workshop I developed with my colleagues at Automattic. I’m really excited to see Jill expanding her diversity work and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to broaden their speaker rosters or other professional pathways.”

Kathryn Presner, Theme Whisperer/Happiness Engineer at Automattic, Montreal

About Me

Jill Binder @ #WCUS Nashville

Jill Binder leads the Diversity Outreach Speaker Training working group in the WordPress.org Community Team which encourages underrepresented people to speak at WordPress events. She helped organize the first BuddyCamp and for three years co-organized WordCamp Vancouver. She was named one of the top 100 Influencers of WordPress in 2014 by Torque Magazine and one of the top 10 Women of WordPress by CloudWays.


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